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So Moe was doing the right thing? And the floating thing was bad? Start at 18:49

Whew, that music when freaky Moe intercepts you! Loved it, and the game is pretty decent for being a jam jam. I'm also loving the dialogue format. My suggestion for future games: having Moe work against you would add more of a challenge. For example, not only is Moe chasing you, but he's also deactivating some of the generators.

Great work!

Really enjoyed this game! The running around really sent me on edge, although I did encounter I think a bug with the generators! It can be seen in my video if you'd like to check it out!


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Wow, how many times can you make a girl scream?!

I was literally a mess playing this game, but I had a good time. Loooooooooved the music! Those beats go off. Thank you for this game.

Gameplay plug below:

Oh! I did run into the inactive generator problem, but didn't have the issue when I restarted. Running version 1.1 on MacOS if that helps. Also, just noticing this based on what I see in others, I didn't get the rotating wheel(?) during Abaddon's reveal.

Seriously had a lot of fun playing it wanna try some more of your games

Very weird horror game, would've loved if it had a "proper ending" so to say, but i enjoyed it regardless, Moe's design was very simple, yet still pretty scary looking

Game starts at 16:25 if anyone is interested in my playtrough

SKIP TO 15:14!!!

This game was pretty good! It got a couple of scares out of me, and I wasn't expecting that ending. Gameplay was pretty straightforward, but I did have to do a little bit of figuring things out. Overall, a good experience! Looking forward to more projects!

Please check out the video (Game starts at 0:05) and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!

Really creepy, and a bananas ending.



This game got a pretty good scare out of me, and the music is really good too lol its in the compilation.

so I broke the game the first time this is my second try to beat it, also the ending is awesome Wonderful job I loved it

This game was pretty interesting game I would like some more on this like why and how the story happened. Otherwise great game you can check out my reactions in my video plus keep on creating my friend you have great talent. 

I really liked the game wish if there was more, Ps1 is my one of the best console that I ever played and seeing the similarity in this game bring old memories.

Not a bad little game. There's not a lot happening but it's still kinda fun. Thanks!

Lanky kong really took a turn from doing meth

Hi! I hit a glitch that made one of the pumps unpumpable, but it was a neat little game. Thanks! 

which version? I think it's fixed on v1.1

V1.1 I just downloaded the game 4 days ago


what a weird way to end the game but overall it wasnt that bad of a game. maybe a bit too pixelated for my likings but i had some fun.


Thought this was quite basic but I had fun with it!


Cool little game!  


I liked the creepy setting, and the small bit of story we got was interesting. I do wish the screen effect was a little less intense and I did end up falling through the floor on my first go, though. Besides that, good game!


wonderful game i wish i could of figured out the puzzle lol

Oop my bad if you're playing v1.0 I had a bug that broke the generators if you died. If you're playing on v1.1 it should be working. Sorry <3

delightful! but yes, i would also like some resolution, haha

Moe kind of freaked me out. i might have encounterd a glitch at the ending XD


Gave it a go, could use an actual ending though, it just ends. I want to see DEATH 


I'm in love with these PS1 styled games, brings back a lot of good childhood memories. this game did give me the spooks, great job you guys!!

very cool. Loved the visual effects. 


THIS GAME WAS GREAT! The menu music was too creepy, keep up the good work. i uploaded a gameplay on it make sure to check it out! Thanks!


Moe's is a really cool little horror game. It sets a very simple yet eerie scene, and then pays it off very quickly. Definitely recommend it.

Liked the game! Reminded me of How I joined A Cult another game on itch. Check out my gameplay!


This was a good a game it was a nice length for the content that it had. It had a small story to go along with it. Clear objective and good use of the atmosphere. I only wish the enemy was made more of a threat other than that I highly recommend it.


I loved this. Love how you added the rain and fog effects. I mean I remember games like Sonic using a similar technique to represent waterfalls, but you took it to a whole new level with your fog and rain. I'm really interested to see what this would look like on an old CRT TV. In fact I plan on doing a video about that later this year. When I do I will make sure to let you know, I think it will look amazing on my old TV. Thank you for this! In my video your game starts at 30:22

Let me know if you end up playing it on an old tv! I'd love to see that ❤️


This was a lot of fun to play! The ending really stood out, gave the game a unique twist. Great job! 


I had fun with Moe’s, there was a lot of atmosphere and when I was doing that SH2 decent into the basement, I was genuinely creeped.
I did smash the game I’ve got to say, I didn’t get close to being caught, which is rare for me in this style of game!
But all in all, a really good submission to the jam! Great work!

Here’s my game play for those interested (second game in the video):

Ah dang. I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but I didn't have time to script a forced chase 😩



Very intense when he came after me ahah


I really liked the screen effect you added! It gave a it a ominous vibe and made it harder to see the enemy coming (I think that's a good thing), the ending confused me a small bit but I think I was just a bit rattled because of Moe chasing me. XD Overall great game! Keep up the great work!


Great game!! 

Here's some gameplay :)

Thanks for the fun little experience ;)
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